Harmony Hills Ranch is centrally located at 11236 26 Mile Road, two miles north of Oakdale, California, just minutes off of highways 120 and 108.

Phone Number: 209-985-4566

"We have a relationship with each horse on the ranch; they are always greeted by name and given a kind word or gentle touch."

~DeAnn Edwards, Owner

Harmony Hills Ranch is an owner-operated, full-care boarding stable serving horse lovers since 2002. We offer "horse centered boarding" where the best interest of the horse always comes first. Medium-sized by choice, we offer the intimate feel of a private facility with care above and beyond what is given at most larger facilities. 

Our ranch is clean, well managed, insured, staffed seven days a week and is a welcoming environment for horse and owner. Harmony Hills has a different feel than other stables and according to our clients it is because of the little things we do for the horses and the personal service we provide. We have a relationship with each horse on the ranch and they are greeted by name and always given a kind word or gentle touch. 

All of our training and handling is done with natural horsemanship techniques and the horses are always treated with respect. Come see what it is like to not have to worry about the care of your horse and know they are being cared for exactly as you wish.