"I not only care for your horses, I own and ride horses. I think that makes a difference. I love horses and love to ride... and if you do as well, Harmony Hills Ranch is your kind of ranch.."
- DeAnn Edwards

We would like to thank you for all that you have done for us over the last year that we have been at your ranch. Jake, Faye & Bella (pictured below) have never had the care you have provided at Harmony Hills Ranch. We will try to give them the same life at our new Montana home. Good luck to you with your ranch. If you and Frank are ever in Montana, please look us up. Take Care. - Wayne & Dottie

"Above and beyond the call of duty...saved my horse."   
When that decision has to be made to find the perfect "home" for your horse it can be an agonizing process especially when you have always taken care of your own horses. Like our children, we assume no one will treat them the same as we would. The decision for me was instantly eased the day I visited DeAnn's ranch. The property was spotless. The horses were all happy and obviously well cared for. DeAnn doesn't just "board" horses. She treats them all like her own whether it is taking them to the vet, holding them for the farrier, preparing their individual nutritional needs, or just talking to them every time she walks by...it is apparent the horses know and love her. It is this commitment to excellence, her knowledge of horses and her beliefs in integrated and natural preventative treatments that literally saved my horse. My horse not only recovered from her accident to the amazement of several experts, but she is "sound" which is a word that was not included in her prognosis. I believe her recovery and soundness is all due to DeAnn's love and care of horses, all rolled into her knowledge and experience in homeopathic treatments. If ever the phrase "Above and beyond the call of duty" needed to be applied, it would be to describe everything that DeAnn does for her horses and all of ours. Thank you, DeAnn, from the bottom of my heart. - Lori Graves

"Thank you for all you do in taking care of Ish for me."
Who knows how many years she has left, but I know she'll spend the rest of her days happy because of you! - Jennifer and Tiana Bender

"I have been so blessed to end up at your ranch. I feel such peace and harmony."
Thank you for providing our horses and ourselves with such an awesome place!
- Tami and Moo; Danny too!

"Deann, I can't thank you enough for what you did for me and my girl." 
I never thought it would end that way, but it did and if it wasn't for you, well, I just don't know. Thank you so much for your care, your time and most of all caring for Angel. I will never forget what you did for me and even though I lost my best friend, I feel because of her I got to meet a great horse woman, and if I ever needed someone to care for my horse again, I would not think twice of you being that person. You went beyond the responsibility of a horse boarding facility and I will network Harmony Hills every chance I get. Thank you my friend. 
- Janis Bettencourt

"Thank you for giving such great care to our horses." - Shannon and Mike

"Deanne thank you so much for all that you do. You bring me so much peace in so many ways."

-Julia Billington & Cheater

"Our horse owners are our best endorsement when it comes 
to telling why they chose Harmony Hills Ranch."

~DeAnn Edwards, Owner

"Because of you, we finally found a place where our horse was truly happy!"
After a very disappointing experience at another facility in the area, we were thrilled to discover Harmony Hills Ranch, where we found not only great care for our horse, but also a great friend to us. As relatively new horse owners, your experience and concern blessed us in immeasurable ways. Words cannot adequately express our gratitude for all you have done. Deann, thanks so much! - Franklin, Lisa and Krissy; Kassie & Allie

"I would like to say thank you that you always went the extra mile for my girls while they were at Harmony Hills."
Especially that cold cold night in December 2008 that Calli had her foal. You stayed up all night helping us when you were sick with pneumonia. The next day when Calli became ill you hooked up your trailer and took her to the vet without any sleep. Extraordinary! I don't know what 
I would have done without you and I shall never forget your kindness. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. - Sally Moore    

"I am so glad my farrier recommended Harmony Hills Ranch" 
DeAnn Edwards runs an amazing horse facility. I board my 6 year old Arabian with her and always feel secure for my horse's care and well-being.  She makes an effort to personally see all of the horses twice a day, so nothing ever goes unnoticed and potential problems are always caught early. I was referred to DeAnn by a farrier that did a pre-purchase trim/exam on my Arab. He told me to check her out because “She has a great place and will take just as good of care of yours as she would her own horse.” This spoke volumes to me because farriers see a lot of ranches and know a lot of people in the horse world. I chose her facility over three others in the surrounding area, even though the board was slightly higher by fifteen dollars and it was a little further from my house. When I started talking to other boarders out there, I discovered that all of her current boarders have been there a few years and had nothing negative to say. I knew I had made the right choice in finding a home for my mare. Thanks DeAnn! - Marsha