"Caring for your horse is not our business, it is our passion. 
Rest assured your horse will be cared for like it is our own."

~DeAnn Edwards, Owner

At Harmony Hills Ranch, all of our horses are checked twice daily. They are fed premium hay and owners have choice of alfalfa, oat and grass varieties at no extra charge. Individual attention is an important part of meeting their physical and emotional needs and by limiting our ranch to serve up to 50 horses, we are assured to never  diminish the level of service and care we provide.

As in life, it is the little things that make the difference at Harmony Hills Ranch. "Little things" like making sure the lowest or oldest horses in the herd get their feed. "Little things" like a loving pat, gentle words and a focus on building a trusting relationship with each horse. "Little things" like putting on and searching for missing fly masks, sparkling clean water,  and regular mucking of gathering areas of the pasture. We also offer other services such as turn-out, applying fly-spray and feeding your grain at no extra charge. These "little things" set Harmony Hills Ranch apart and create a wonderful quality of life for your horse. Come meet our horses. They are our biggest fans and you see it in all their dispositions!